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Anterior Hip Replacement in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr.Rewat Laxman

Anterior Hip Replacement in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr.Rewat Laxman

           Anterior Hip Replacement in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr.Rewat Laxman

Anterior Hip Replacement is a procedure to substitute worn ends of the bones in the hip joint.  Anterior hip replacement varies from a traditional hip replacement technique in that it necessitates a minimal incision in the front of the hip.  The traditional “posterior” method allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint by going through the buttock muscles.

Symptoms of Anterior Hip Replacement 

Signs and symptoms of an infected joint replacement include:

1. Increased pain or stiffness in a previously well-functioning joint

2. Swelling

3. Warmth and redness around the wound

4. Wound drainage

5. Fevers, chills and night sweats

6. Fatigue

Treatment of Anterior Hip Replacement 


In few instances, only the skin and soft tissues near the joint are infected, and the infection has not extended deep into the artificial joint itself. This is known as “superficial infection.” If the infection is detected early, a doctor may recommend intravenous (IV) or oral antibiotics, which is known to have a good success rate for early superficial infections.


Infections that extend outside the superficial tissues and advance with a deep entree into the artificial joint majorly necessitates surgical treatment.

Debridement. Deep infections that are detected within some days of their occurrence, and those that arise in few weeks of the actual operation, may at times be cured through a surgical washout of the joint. During this procedure, called debridement, the doctor eliminates all infected soft tissues. The implant is systematically cleaned, and plastic liners or spacers are replaced. Post this technique, intravenous (IV) antibiotics will be given for about 6 weeks.

Staged surgery. To describe it in general, the longer the infection has existed, the tougher it is to cure without removing the implant.

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           Anterior Hip Replacement in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr.Rewat Laxman