If you are in search of Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore ? Then Dr. Rewat Laxman is one of the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore. He specializes in the field of Knee Replacement, Arthroscopy and Complex Trauma care.

Knee joint pain is a common ailment that can affect day to day activities of people of all ages. It can be an outcome of an injury, mainly either due to the rupturing of the ligament or because of complete tearing of cartilage.

Symptoms of Knee Joint Pain

The cause of knee pain can determine how serious your knee pain can be and where you will experience the maximum pain.

  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Redness and warmth to the touch
  • Instability
  • Popping sounds
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee

When Best to see a doctor?

When is the Best to See Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore:

  • When you are unable to bear weight on your knee
  • When knee swelling is very apparent
  • When stretching knee fully is becoming difficult or impossible
  • When you have also started getting fever along with inflammation
  • When you have started feeling that your knee may give out

Possible Causes:

  • ACL injury
  • Fractures
  • Torn meniscus
  • Knee bursitis

Now once you are clear that you need to see a doctor which may require you to undergo a surgery, a very important question that comes to your mind is Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore And based on what criteria to decide this among a pool of doctors available in the city and near you in your location as well? We will ease that burden for you by specifying few basic but critical aspects to look at when you go ahead and finalise a doctor for your knee joint pain treatment.

Let us try to make your search for the Best Doctor easy with these steps:

a) Referral

Start by asking your regular doctor for referrals. They can be a very good source since they are in a similar filed and will have much better knowledge in this regard.

You may try to get in touch with others in your area, Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore may have undergone with knee surgeries in order to get to know which surgeon treated them.

b) Location

In case you are supposed go for a surgery – it means you may need to frequently visit your doctor and it will be best if you could a location that will make your life easier during the recovery process.  Let’s look at another factor. Try to choose a doctor Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore usually practices at a hospital that you are fine to visit. You must keep in mind that Doctors will have admitting privileges in few of the hospitals and will be able to send their patients to such hospitals only.

c) Have answers for these questions on your doctor

Once the short listing of doctors is complete start connecting to them to enquire on the nearest possible appointment dates and if your existing health insurance policy can be used here in terms of coverage  You may also consider having more knowledge on which hospitals they practice in.

Please do review the below aspects when you make a move towards finalizing the Best Orthopedic specialist for your treatment:

  • What is the level of experience of the doctor?

Since how long the doctor has been practicing

  • What is the number of major Orthopaedic cases treated by this doctor?

Get to know the number of surgeries performed by the doctor that you may be concerned with during the course of your treatment process and that leads you to two more questions!

  • What is the success rate of such surgeries performed by the doctor and any instances of re-operating due to infection or other causes – which you must know?
  • Currently how many patients are going under treatment with this doctor ?

Comfort level with the doctor

Once you meet the doctor shortlisted by you, do ask yourself these questions regarding your interaction. The more they fall on the positive side the more you are closer to find answer for your question Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore.

  • Were you given a chance to ask questions by your doctor?
  • Was your doctor listening to your thoughts and view points?
  • Was the doctor confident while answering your questions?
  • Was the thought flow from doctor’s end kept easy to let you understand them easily?
  • Were you offered choices with regards to selection of treatment options and made an attempt to understand your preferences on treatment options?
  • What is your impression about the quality of time spent by the doctor with you?

The point is when you get satisfactory answers to most of the above discussed elements one by one you will surely be able to find the Who is the Best Doctor for Knee Joint Pain Treatment in Bangalore and also decide upon the necessity of a surgery in the hands of the best surgeon and recover perfectly well in no time. We wish you good luck in your search.

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