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  • 5 Tips to keep your Joints Happier & Healthier

    Bone and Joint Consult To protect Bone and joints and promote their long-term health, you should care for your joints not only when you exercise, simply in daily life as well. To achieve this, you should include activities that which limit wear and tear on your…

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  • Physiotherapy for Knee Arthiritis

    Physical therapy is often part of treatment for arthritis and other joint problems. A physical therapist individualizes your treatment program to restore or maintain your physical functioning and carries out specific instructions from your orthopedist. First, the…

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  • Tips to avoid knee pain

      Knee pain treatment in Koramangala Tips to avoid knee pain The number-one secret for happy knees? Stay at a healthy weight. Every extra pound you pack on puts about 4 extra pounds of pressure on your knees when you walk or take the stairs. “Women often…

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  • Myths and Facts about Total Knee Replacement

    Total Knee Replacement Surgeons in Koramangala |Dr.Rewat Laxman Total knee replacement is a lifestyle changing surgery.It is beneficial in relieving pain and deals with disabilities. It has a 95% success rate. Despite the fact that the surgery can be a good treatment…

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