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Exercise for Bone Health ? Why is it necessary ?
There is an old saying “Use it or lose it” that rightly implies to Bone Health. Putting the right pressure on bone through activity and exercise encourages it to increase its calcium content and grow stronger and more dense. An Inactive lifestyle has the adverse affect on bones. Sedentary lifestyle makes the bone to lose calcium and get weaker.Best Orthopedic Doctor in BangaloreNow lets understand what Exercises are perfect for optimum Bone Health?
Exercises make the muscles to contract against the bones, which stresses, or stimulates, them so any form of physical exercise is good. Particularly weight-bearing exercises are ideal for bone health because both muscles and gravity add optimum pressure on the bones.
Weight-bearing exercises can include walking or hiking, running or jogging, aerobics, household chores and yard work, racket sports, basketball, baseball, cross country and downhill skiing or a ski machine, skating, and weight training.

What more additionally is Necessary to Maintain Good Bone Health?
“Bones additionally need calcium become and stay strong, . Bone density which increases strength can be increased by providing calcium in an increased manner . Studies how that fully grown adults require anything between 1,000mg to 1,500mg of calcium daily.Dairy products are considered the best source of calcium and also green, leafy vegetables, certain varieties of fish,hazelnuts and almonds. Orange juice, bread and cereal are also full of calcium. And a lot of tablets are available in the market that help you cover the calcium requirements of the body.”Dr.Rewat Laxman from added.

Know the Role of Estrogen in Bone Formation?
Estrogen helps calcium become absorbed into the bones,In women. As Estrogen levels reduce post menopause, calcium losses can multiply dramatically and supplements may be recommended.

Can exercise be even harmful if done too much?
Unfortunately its true. Highly active athletes tend to overexercise and not giving their bones enough time to rest which is bad for Bone health. It is important to start to exercise gradually and slowly increase the time and intensity of the workout.

Useful tips for initiating an Exercise Program
Before initiation…
Discuss with your physician to make sure that there are no ailments that may affect on your program.
Have a word with your orthopedist to ensure that there are no related issues that may become an obstacle in your program.
Choose an Exercise that you prefer. Go on Experimenting until the time you find one you prefer and which is suitable to your lifestyle.

Exercise tips by one of the One of the Best orthopedic doctor in Bangalore

1.Now when it comes to aerobics, like walking, biking or swimming

  • A 5 minute pre-warm up
  • Slow initiation.
  • Steady Increase in the workout from 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Steady increase up-to 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate (check with your physician).
  • Combined by an effort to hold on to this level of intensity for the complete 20 workout for half a week.

2.For strength or resistance training using free weights, machines or elastic tubing

Initiating with very moderate weights and very few repetitions.
Mild increase in weight, not more than 10% in a particular workout.
Repeating this routine two to three times a week.Resting for a day in order to allow your bones to restore themselves.
Steady increase the number of repetitions with a cool down period added of half a minute to one minute between sets.

In case if tiredness or pain is felt post workout it probably means its over done. You may choose to either reduce the intensity the duration of that workout or even both. A slow and steady focus on shaping up your exercise plans,one will be able to build stronger bones.

Best Orthopedic Doctor in Bangalore | Exercising for Bone Health | Dr.Rewat Laxman |

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