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Hip Fracture Treatment in Bangalore, Koramangala| Dr.Rewat Laxman

Hip Fracture Treatment in Bangalore, Koramangala| Dr.Rewat Laxman

Hip Fracture Treatment in Bangalore, Koramangala| Dr.Rewat Laxman

Hip fractures are a grave problem for aged patients with osteoporosis. A hip fracture is typically a break near the top of the thighbone (femur) where it angles into the hip socket and usually makes it too painful to bear it. In maximum cases, hospitalization and operation are needed to either substitute the broken portion or restore it with a metal plate and screws. A hip replacement may be necessary depending on where the break occurs.

Subsequent to surgery, treatment targets on getting the patient back on their feet again as soon early as possible, while the broken bone reconciles. A physical therapy program is a vital aspect of a good recovery.

Symptoms for Hip Fracture

The symptoms for a hip Fracture can comprise of:

1. Pain in the hip and groin zone

2. The distressed leg being shorter than the unaffected leg

3. Severe difficulty to walk or put pressure on the affected hip and leg

4. Inflammation of the hip

5. Staining

A fragmented hip can be life-threatening. If you suspect a broken hip, try to find medical attention instantly.

Treatment for Hip Fracture

A doctor may consider your age and physical state prior to making a treatment plan. If you are an elderly patient and have medical problems over and above a broken hip, your treatment may differ. These options may include:

1. Medication

2. Operation

3. Physical therapy

Your doctor may advise pain-reducing medicines to decrease your discomfort. Also, an operation is the most common treatment to restore or substitute your hip. Hip replacement surgery includes removing the injured part of your hip and planting an artificial hip part in its place. If you have surgery, the doctor may suggest physical therapy to help you recover sooner.

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