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The all-inside ACL reconstruction technique is an adequately new development in ACL surgery procedure. This technique includes closing of the-socket tunnels, dual suspensory graft fixation, reduction of the bone, and smaller skin incisions.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most important parts of an athlete’s knee, while running these athletes run through their middle of the knee which helps to bend the knee fast and move it quick It plays a vital role in the mobility and stability of the knee, if it gets injured in any accident it means the end of an athlete’s season and possibly even their career.

How does All-inside ACL Technique perform in the surgery procedure?

All-inside ACL Technique procedure is now a very less interfering more methodical than other previous techniques. This new ACL technique uses a  small poke-hole incisions inside the knee rather than large incisions. Which were harmful and comfortable yet painful. Furthermore, the procedure uses graft harvested from either the patient or a donor. This graft is used for implantation by double-fixing it at each end with a titanium washer and sutures, then threaded through the tunnels inside the knee under camera visualization and pulled tight. The tunnel pathways are placed to mimic the native ACL’s attachments, which makes the placement of the graft more accurate.

How it’s a necessary procedure?

It’s been seen that the patients who have undergone this procedure are facing improved and early recovery, it remarkably decreased postoperative pain, better range of motion sooner, and has been less scarring to the patients.

It is that up to 200,000 ACL injuries occur and about 100,000 ACL reconstruction surgeries are performed each year. It has been seen that the Most athletes generally require six to twelve months of recovery and therapy in order to be ready to return to the game after the surgery.

ACL reconstruction can restore the stability of the knee in a shorter span of time.

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