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Shoulder Dislocation is the most common type of joint dislocation more accurately termed a glenohumeral joint dislocation  Anterior, posterior, and inferior are three main types of shoulder dislocations.

How it occurs?

Dislocation is generally caused by force being applied to an extended, seized, and externally rotated arm bone. you may dislocate it out of its socket if you wrench your shoulder upward and backward. Subluxation refers to a partial dislocation in which the upper arm bone detaches from the shoulder the socket of the shoulder blade and pushes forward and this procedure causes shoulder dislocation.

Main reasons for Shoulder Dislocation:

  • It is a very basic athletic injury. It is very common for people who play football and hockey and have falldown activities in the game.
  • It has also been seen if a person has met with a motor vehicle accident.
  • Shoulder dislocation occurs if a person is falling from height such as a ladder or on a loose rug. Which causes the tearing of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that reinforce your shoulder joint.

Dislocated shoulder signs and symptoms:

  • An increased density of the injury starts making the dislocated bone to be visibly deformed or out-of-place shoulder.
  • The dislocation of the shoulder causes massive swelling and bruising.
  • Intense pain occurs first if it is a dislocation in the shoulder while playing or performing other strong-arm movements.
  • The inability to move the joint is another symptom of dislocation of the shoulder.
  • It might cause numbness in the arm and tingling near the injury, such as in your neck or down your arm.

Treatment for Dislocated shoulder:

Most people regain full shoulder function and get it back to its normal state within a small period of time. If once you’ve had a dislocated shoulder your joint may become unstable and become prone to repeat shoulder dislocations. It causes nerve or blood vessel damage in or around your shoulder joint therefore it’s very essential to get it fixed through medications.

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