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Shoulder Dislocation treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr. Rewat Laxman

Shoulder Dislocation treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr. Rewat Laxman

Shoulder Dislocation treatment in Koramangala, Bangalore | Dr. Rewat Laxman

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body But, its range of movements regrettably makes it prone to dislocation. There are various kinds of dislocations. One of them is a partial dislocation (subluxation) occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is not totally out of the socket. A complete dislocation occurs when the humerus is all the way out of the socket. Both can be aching and cause volatility/instability in the shoulder.

Symptoms for Shoulder dislocation

When the humerus is forcibly pulled out of the socket, cartilage, muscle, and other tissues are stretched and torn. Shoulder dislocations present with significant pain, and the patient will often refuse to move the arm in any direction.The muscles that surround the shoulder joint tend to go into spasm, making any movements very

Usually, with anterior dislocations, the arm is held slightly away from the body, and the patient tries to relieve the pain by supporting the weight of the injured arm with the other hand. Often, the shoulder appears squared off since the humeral head has been moved out its normal place in the glenoid fossa. Sometimes, it may be seen or felt as a bulge in front of the shoulder joint.

1. Shoulder pain that can exude down the arm

2. Inflammation

3. Weakness in the Arm

4. Staining around the shoulder

Ligaments or tendons in the shoulder can be torn and nerves can be injured in some cases. A typical dislocation occurs when the shoulder slips (anterior instability). The shoulder may misalign forward, backward, or also downward. This occurs when the humerus dislocates from the joint forward and down at the same time which can happen from a throwing motion.

Treatment for a Shoulder dislocation

Closed reduction is a procedure where your doctor will have to place the humerus back into the joint socket. The pain halts almost instantly the moment shoulder joint is put back into place.

The joint once it is put back in place, ice should be used 3-4 times a day and the shoulder should be restrained in a sling for numerous weeks. When the pain and swelling start to reduce, exercises can help restore the shoulder’s range in motion and to recover muscle strength. If the condition turns severe, a brace can sometimes help, or surgery may be suggested to restore and tighten the torn or overextended ligaments that aid clutch the joint in its place.

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