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A tissue tearing which connects muscle to bone (tendons) around the shoulder joint is a rotator cuff tear. It generally gets fixed by medical diagnosis within months.

How Rotator cuff tear injury occurs?

A rotator cuff tear usually occurs in people who repeatedly perform the same shoulder motions in their jobs or sports. Examples include painters, carpenters, and people who play a massive role as an athlete.

Main causes of Rotator cuff tear in the shoulder:

  • There is a great risk of this injury to occur in the body of old age people as aging is one of the factors when it happens.
  • Athletes who regularly use repetitive arm motions such as while playing, such as tennis players, football players, archers and baseball pitchers have a greater risk of having a rotator cuff injury in their shoulders.
  • Certain Occupations such as carpentry or house painting require repetitive arm motions, often overhead, that can damage the rotator cuff over time.

Usual symptoms of Rotator cuff tear injury in the shoulder:

  • It can be described as a deep ache in the shoulder because the tissues are broken and makes you unable to sit properly as it makes the whole body ache.
  • It hurts the most while sleeping as the muscle gets stiff while lying down in any position.
  • It creates a gigantic weakness in the arm which is why you do not get enough support from your arm to participate in other general daily routine work.

Treatment of Rotator cuff tear injury:

It is treatable by a medical professional and physiotherapy prescribed by an authentic trainer. Many people recover from rotator cuff with physical therapy exercises. There are other ways to treat rotator cuff tear injury are corticosteroid injections. It can possibly require surgery if the case is out of control.

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