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Dr. Rewat Laxman, an orthopedic surgeon gives below some ways an individual can self-diagnose shoulder injury. He also recommends consulting a doctor for efficient diagnosis and treatment. This is only an article for the reader to be better informed. 

An individual who is suffering from severe pain must consult a doctor immediately as it may be a case of a dislocated shoulder.  You may have a shoulder fracture or a dislocated shoulder.

  1. Symptom: Deep Achy pain

If an individual is experiencing a dull or deep achy pain, then it may be due to the following issues.

  • If you are experiencing dull achy shoulder pain, then it could be a Rotator cuff tear. This could be caused due to severe strain on the rotator cuff caused by a fall or over time. 
  • The achy pain could also be caused due to a teat in the shoulder socket cartilage. This is called the SLAP tear. This pain may be felt at the back of the shoulder or at the front depending on the exact location of the tendon tear. 
  • Sometimes, if you are experiencing the achy pain in the upper arm or around the shoulder, it could be due to a condition known as Frozen shoulder. This shoulder condition occurs in individuals aged 40-60. The pain is severe during the initial period and tends to decrease over time.


  • Shoulder joint arthritis also causes this type of pain. It may also result in severe pain at the shoulder back. This condition known as Glenohumeral osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition. As the days pass by, the cartilage wears down. This condition is prevalent in people who are aged above 50. It can occur in younger people after a dislocated shoulder or fracture. It may be due to a sudden fall or some sort of trauma. 
  1. Symptom: Radiating Pain

If you are experiencing radiating pain in and around your shoulder, it could be due to the following reasons or injuries.

  • If you experience a radiating pain the neck, it could be due to arthritis. Over the years, a  joint at the top of the shoulder called acromioclavicular joint causes this pain. This condition is usually caused due to overuse.
  •  The overuse of the shoulder may result in a radiating pain caused by Rotator cuff tendonitis. This is common in sportspeople, usually weightlifters and swimmers. 

Also remember that the pain could be a result of an injury to the neck such as a  pinched nerve, also known as cervical radiculopathy. It may be due to an injury to the group of nerves in your neck that travels through your arm and is known as a brachial plexus injury.

  1. Symptom 3: Burning pain

Burning pain is experienced by individuals if the bursa gets inflamed. Bursa is a fluid-filled sac in the shoulder that acts as a cushion. This condition is known as Subacromial bursitis. This also causes pain in your upper arm. 

  1. Other symptoms

You may also be experiencing other symptoms such as weakness in the arm or stiffness and unable to move the arm properly. Sportspeople such as baseball players may be unable to move their arms properly. This could be a result of a SLAP tear or rotator cuff tear.

Diagnosing shoulder pain

Doctors are trained to identify the exact cause of shoulder pain. They will do this by:

  • The first step is a discussion with the patient regarding potential causes and medical history.
  • The doctor then proceeds to conduct a thorough physical examination.


Some of the diagnostic tests related to shoulder injury are:

X-rays can show changes in the bones caused by arthritis or fracture. They are used for diagnosing issues with bones and joints and cannot be useful for injury caused to muscles and tissues.

Ultrasounds are used along with X-Rays to examine your rotator cuff tendon for inflammation, tears, or rupture. 

CT and MRI
Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are advanced diagnostic tests and suggested only after conducting other tests. These scans will help the doctor to decide on the further mode of treatment required for the patient. They also help determine the extent of the injury.

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