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We are already aware the peak competition in youth sports. And you will know even better as a parent the extent of private lessons, morning practices children undergo when they are striving hard to be the best. But such specialization in a particular sport comes with risks that often out weight the benefits.

It’s quite natural for your child to focus all of their time and energy into being the best they can be when they are passionate about one particular sport. Taking those extra practices, working with a private instructor, and playing on multiple teams can seem like the only way to reach the pinnacle of performance. Naturally, there are many risks involved in routing all energy and focus into one sport. Specialization in one sport at an early age can have serious short-term and long-term consequences.

Substantially, there are many number of orthopedic risks for players especially in a single sport . The biggest problem for young players is overuse injuries. Overuse injuries develop with frequent motions such as throwing, jumping, swinging, running, etc. When young, developing bodies do not get a required break from these movements, orthopedic issues can easily arise.

Best Sports Medicine Doctor in Bangalore | Dr. Rewat Laxman explains the most common overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shin Splints
  • Calcaneal Tendon (Achilles tendon or Heel chord)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)
  • Epicondylitis (Golfer’s elbow)
  • Stress Fractures
  • Patellar Tendonitis (jumper’s knee)
  • Runner’s Knee

Further the orthopedic risks, early specialization in sports can limit overall performance and skill development. Engaging in other sports can help athletes to improve a large variety of skill sets, eventually improving standards in their favorite sports. Taking a break in the off season can help avoid burnout but can also allow young athletes to improve certain techniques while exploring other sports.

Summer can be the best time to take a break and to explore a variety of sports. Time off from school provides flexibility in scheduling. This is the time to your kids to try something new like baseball, badminton, swimming, hockey, volleyball, biking, etc. Unstructured play is also a great way to stay active while resting the body in remaining seasons.

If you feel that your child is suffering from an overuse injury, be sure to see an Best Sports Medicine Doctor in Bangalore for a complete analysis. Finding out these injuries in early can significant impact recovery time.

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